Here’s what working with a
Kingdom Virtual Assistant can do for you:

Gain Time & Energy

You no longer need to get lost in the day-to-day operations of your business. Now you can focus on your strengths and gain the time and energy to put your ideas, new products or services into action.

Give You
Peace of Mind

Our virtual assistants have been trained in the Kingdom Virtual Assistant School, you will have peace of mind and confidence  your VA is serious about their business because they have invested in the work God has called them to do.

Make a Greater Impact

Because your virtual assistant is Kingdom trained, they partner with Holy Spirit concerning you and your business. They are able to be a sounding board, prayer partner and strategist for you. Partnering with a VA allows you to execute faster on the work you are called to do. No longer do your dreams have to sit on the backburner.

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Here’s how Kingdom Virtual Assistant Referral Service works.

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We'll review your application and submit it to students of the Kingdom Virtual Assistant School who meet your specifications and requirements.

Prospective VAs will reach out to you directly. We recommend interviewing at least three VAs because working with a VA is like dating. It isn't just about skills but personality.

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